Meg Bolger is a social entrepreneur and facilitator passionate about the process of engaging in social justice work. She founded Pride for All, an organization that provides support for folks looking to start social justice conversations. She’s the co-creator of, where she enjoys helping folks create sustainable gender and sexuality education programs. Meg graduated from Hamilton College with a B.A. and Bowling Green State University with a M.A. She enjoys flying around the U.S. to help develop facilitators at schools and organizations, all while getting asked if she’s old enough to sit in the exit row.

The Early Years 

Meg began her journey as a facilitator as a sophomore at Hamilton College in 2009 by starting and facilitating Safe Zone workshops and she’s never really looked back since. Meg’s passion for social justice education has always been steeped in the belief that we have too few spaces to learn about topics that are just too important. Meg believes that social justice educational opportunities need to be shame free spaces where participants can be vulnerable and facilitators can meet them with courageous compassion. Since the beginning Meg has been dedicated to bringing an energetic and humorous approach to any topic that she is tackling with facilitation.

Gettin’ Older Now

After graduating from undergrad and founding Pride for All her first social justice focused organization Meg worked with schools and universities to create more welcoming and inclusive environments for LGBTQ students, faculty, and staff.  A few short months before returning back to higher ed herself for grad school she connected with and teamed up with Sam for the first time to create a website dedicated to providing free resources, activities, and support for schools and organizations looking to create sustainable education programs regarding gender and sexuality. Sam and Meg created with the aim of providing a free, accessible, easy-to-use LGBTQ+ awareness workshop curriculum that anyone could facilitate in their community.  This curriculum has been downloaded in over 87 countries worldwide and is being used by 1000s of facilitators and educators.

Recent Times

Since graduating with her M.A. from BGSU Meg has been busy starting new projects like FacilitatingXYZ and the Social Justice Toolbox and writing her first book (this book!) Unlocking the Magic of Facilitation. All her recent work have been focused on helping those who are interested in facilitating difficult conversations often about topics of social justice and identity.  FacilitatingXYZ is an ongoing project with Sam that aims to be a resource for anyone interested in getting into, getting better at, and/or connecting with others who are passionate about facilitation. The Social Justice Toolbox is, much like, a free online resources for educators looking to create social justice learning environments where folks can engage with these issues in a fun, interactive, and meaningful way.

Author, Facilitator, Magician

Unlocking the Magic of Facilitation was co-authored by Sam Killermann & Meg Bolger. Together, they also co-created The Safe Zone Project and FacilitatingXYZ, and they are working on A Guide to Facilitation: The Social Justice Advocate's Handbook. They interview other facilitators in the series FacilitatingXYZ LIVE, where they do their best to convince super awesome folks to share their facilitation and life secrets with the world.

All that goes to say that they like making things together, and they love facilitation.